Sometimes you unexpectedly get to be part of something special. Something unplanned but significant. Something sad and difficult to deal with, but at the same time life affirming. An experience that highlights some of the best parts of being human.

We recently had the opportunity to care for Frank in his home for the last three weeks of his life. It was a wonderful opportunity to re-affirm family bonds, to tell family stories and create new ones, to provide support to Frank and reciprocate some of the care he has provided to us over the years.

What has also stood out for me though is the reaction of other people; particularly the support and love from others who helped make this possible for our whanau. Those who provided moral support and physical sustenance. Those who called around to reminisce with Frank, to chew the fat and go over past histories. Those who called in remotely thanks to the wonders of modern technology. Those who adapted as routine life slipped into the background to allow more important things to be attended to.

I had the privilege of being able to document our family time together, and share it here to offer insights into what a family goes through at this time.  What I took away from the process is the importance of family.

Agriculture plays a vital part in New Zealand society. However it is increasingly coming under the spotlight and must continually adapt to survive.  While this change is happening lets not forget about the individual stories happening on the land.


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We all have stories to tell and yours are important.
Life’s not all about posed shots.
Split seconds define memories.
Those are the moments I want to capture.
Those are the stories I want to tell.
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